About us

Hi there! I’m Lianne and I have been saving the last four years for this upcoming trip around the world. Most of you know that ever since I’ve been on my first backpack trip, 5 years ago to Australia, I became addicted to traveling and I knew I wanted to travel more. So, here we are. Planning for the next adventure. And this time with something new, a blog! Oh wait, and there is more to this trip. I’m actually not traveling alone this time, but with my boyfriend (at least the biggest part)! I convinced him about a year ago to go travel with me since I’ve been planning it for so long and he was more than happy to join, lucky me! I’m actually super lucky cause my boyfriend is also a great photographer, with is kinda handy if you love great pictures of places you’ve been 😉 This means we’re going fully packed with camera, drone and GoPro, ready for the next adventure!

First we wanted to plan which countries we would like to visit, but we let go of that because there were too many countries we love. Now, we only know that we will start in Taipei for a day (stopover) and then go to Indonesia. But we are not even sure where we would go in Indonesia, just go with the flow. One thing I know for sure is that we will go to Australia, because I’m still in love with the country and want to share all of its beauty with my boyfriend. The other sure thing is that we will go around the world. Literally. Asia, Oceania, and Mid and South-America!

Follow us on this journey!